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Vegetarian Dishes

Red lentil dahl with butternut squash
Split red lentil dahl, lots of earthy Indian spices which match the
squash nicely. Fresh curry leaves, cumin and caramelised onions give this
dahl a great flavour.
Yellow split peas with swede
A dahl of yellow split peas and swede, with cardamom and methi
flavours to match the swede.
Black eyed beans and mushrooms
Rich sauce with spicy methi, fennel and curry leaf flavours,
strong tasting but delicate enough for the mushrooms to come through.
Three bean chilli
A great vegge chilli, with kidney, haricot and black beans,
bursting with flavour and nice and hot.
Chick-pea dahl with tamarind and sweet potato
Sour tasting tamarind and tomato sauce dominated by cumin;
contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the yams and the
earthy taste of the chickpeas.
Stir fried Chinese veg with black beans.
A wok at 300 degrees brings out wonderful flavours from the veg!
Stir-fried with soy, ginger, garlic and chilli.

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